Ch. Kimberly Javapami von Arabian's Stud

black spotted dam, bilateral hearing BAER bil+, HD-A, complete dentition, lemon free (genotype E/E)
58 cm tall, 63 cm length, depth of chest 27 cm, perimeter of chest 75 cm, perimeter of wrist 12 cm

Show titles:
Czech champion, Polish champion
Czech Junior Champion, Young Champion of Club DK CR
CZ-ChampJCH-CZJCH-KLPolish Champion
3x BOB,
CACIB, r.CACIB, 3x CAC, 3x CWC, 3x CAJC, 6x rCAC, 2x NDSwR
The Best Young Female of J. Findejs Memorial 2009
The Best Young Female, Young Class Winner

Kimberly is a lovely and intelligent dog and she is friendly to other dogs.


8.6.2008 8.6.2008

Kimberly comes from German kennel von Arabian's Stud, she is from a litter of 11 black spotted puppies, she has 5 brothers and 5 sisters. The whole litter is bilateral hearing (BAER bil+) and without any fault!
This ist the third litter of Clayton and Darina. Together 35 puppies were born by these parents. So in fact Kimberly has together 34 siblings :-) There is only one male monolateral hearing from 35 puppies and the other 34 puppies are bilateral hearing and except of one monocle without any fault. Clayton's litter statistics.

Sire: Ch. Clayton Duke Javapami
Dam: Darina von Arabian's Stud
Darina 31.7.2005

Pedigree Certificate
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Kimberly with her parents 7.8.2008
3.8.2008 16.8.2008 Kimberly, Clayton 16.8.2008 Kimberly, her older sister Ch. Gracy Jones von Arabian's Stud, her brother
20.8.2008 20.8.2008 20.8.2008 20.8.2008
20.8.2008 20.8.2008 31.8.2008
4.10.2008 11.10.2008 17.10.2008
9.11.2008 9.11.2008 9.11.2008 9.11.2008
26.12.2008 26.12.2008 26.12.2008 28.12.2008 28.12.2008
6.1.2009 6.1.20092 6.1.2009 6.1.2009 6.1.20092
6.1.2009 6.1.2009 6.1.2009 25.1.2009
6.1.2009 1st birthday 22.5.2009 1st birthday 1st birthday
3.1.2010 3.1.2010 2nd birthday 2nd birthday
3rd birthday 22.5.20113rd birthday 22.5.2011