Black spotted stud dog
Bugsy Malone Javapami
born 23.12.2001
Bugsy Malone 29.6.2004 Bugsy Malone Javapami 26.6.2004
Bilateral hearing BAER +/+, complete dentition, shear bite, ARDS-free
62 cm tall, 65 cm long, chest 75 cm, wrist 12 cm
(both his parents have complete dentition and are bilateral hearing BAER +/+)

P e d i g r e e

Show report:

... 2 and half year old, of a very good type, very good head, dark eyes, excellent temperament, prefer to see more chest, very good angulations, excellent top line, excellent drive, only in front and back a little bit loose 26.6.2004 Marie Christine Delabelle, B

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